Invite Players

"Invite Players" is an exciting new way to turn your club completely paperless.

1. Click the "Invite Players" option

2. Type in the player's name and email address, if this is an under 16 player please tick the "U16" option and enter the parent/guardian's email address instead. 

Once you click "Invite player" an invite will be sent to the player via email, this will allow them to confirm their personal details by either signing into their FA Account or creating a new account.

TIP: Instead of inviting the players individually, you can click "Copy Club Invite Link" on the left hand side of the screen. You can then share this with the players you wish to sign on and by clicking the link they will be able to confirm their personal details.


3. After opening the link, the players will be able to enter their own details. For a guide on this click here