An video overview of how to successfully register a player within the Player Registration System

In Pending Actions you will see a list of players who require some action to be fully league registered. In the requirements column, anything with a green tick signifies that the requirement is complete. Click on a requirement without a green to complete it for the individual player.

Firstly, you need to provide consent for the player by clicking Provide Consent. You have two options;

  1. Offline Consent - This is required annually and means you have a signed form from the player, or parent / carer of a player, to say they give consent to play at the club
  2. Online Consent - This sends an email to the player, or parent/carer of a player, to accept or reject. Online Consent lasts 5 years and can be withdrawn by the player when they're not league registered at any time.

Next is to Assign the player to the appropriate teams. Simply click the teams you wish to assign the player too. Note; Only teams the player is eligible to play for will show in the list.

If any player information is missing, clicking on Player Info will allow you to add any details or a photo should your league require it. Note; If a photo uploaded is not clear head and shoulders, the platform will automatically reject it.

Finally, before submitting to the league, click Verify ID. Your name will prepopulate as the official who performed the check. You can type in the official who completed the check if it was not you. Select the date the ID was seen and click confirm

You should see the status of the player change to Ready To Submit once all the details your league require have been completed. Finally click Submit To League. The players status will then show as Pending League

Completing Requirements In Bulk

On the Pending Actions page, select the players you wish to action and click More. You will then be able to request Online Consent, Verify ID & Assign to Team for all the players you have selected. Once they have all the data required for submission to the league, their status will show as Ready To Submit. You can then select your players and click Submit to League