The following guidance is for clubs on how they can withdraw or cancel a registration request. For League guidance please visit this article: How to cancel a registration (League Guidance)

Within the New Player Registration System, you have two options to either;

a) Withdraw a registration request (for example if you submitted by mistake and the player hasn't yet been approved)

b) Request the league to cancel a registration (for example if the player is no longer playing football)


Withdrawing a registration request

After you have submitted a player's registration to a league, you can still withdraw it before it has been approved. 

1. Find the player who you wish to withdraw in the Pending Actions tab, where their status should show as 'Pending League'. You can use the filters to select 'Pending League', or alternatively just search the player in the search bar. 

Note: Cancellation requests will also show up here if they are awaiting league approval, but to withdraw a registration request it will say 'New Registration' under Request type. 

2. Click into the player and then under the 'Registrations Form' tab you will see the 'Withdraw Request' button. 

3. Click on Withdraw Request and then on 'Confirm'. 

Requesting a registration to be cancelled

This is the process for requesting the cancellation of a registration after it has been approved by the league.

1. First find the player you wish to cancel in the 'All Players' tab, again using the filters or the search bar to help. They will be showing as 'Registered' under status. 

2. Click into the player and click on the Registrations tab, where you will see all of that player's registrations. Any registrations for other clubs will be greyed out and you will not be able to select them. 

3. Using the tick box on the left hand side, select which registration(s) you would like to cancel. You can cancel more than one at a time.

Click on 'Cancel Registration' and then 'Start Cancellation'. 

4. You will then have to provide a reason for the cancellation using the dropdown box. 

5. Once this is done click on 'Submit to League' and then Confirm. 

This will then send the cancellation request to the league for them to accept. It will appear in your Pending Actions tab as 'Pending League' and 'Cancellation'.