Consent is required by each player in order to play for your football club. There are two varieties of consent which can be used by clubs to verify that their player wishes to play for their club:

Online Consent (paperless) = A email will be released to the player asking them to confirm they wish to play for your club

Offline Consent = You are confirming you have the players consent to play for your club outside of the system

Guidance on the different methods of consent is below:


How to request consent

1. Login to Whole Game System and click "Player Registration" down the left handside

2. Click the "Pending Actions" list and click on the player you wish to ask for consent

TIP: You can gain consent on bulk by multi-selecting players using the checkboxes > click more and then click "Online Consent"

3. Click "Provide consent" and confirm whether you wish to provide "Online" or "Offline" consent

Online Consent

1. After clicking "Online Consent" you will be asked to confirm you want the consent to be sent to the player's email address

2. Once sent, the "Provide Consent" option will turn to Orange and will say "Awaiting Response" if you click this button you have the option to either provide offline consent (if they player cannot action the email) or you can send the email again to the player

3. The player/parent or guardian will receive an email as per the below, they will then need to click the link to provide consent for the player. Once completed the consent box within Player Registration System will turn green.  If the user does not receive a link, they can also manage their consent via. this link:

Online consent last 5 years whereas offline consent lasts 1. A player can manage their consent in their account

Offline Consent

1. After clicking "Offline Consent" you will be asked to confirm that you have signed permission from the player (or parent/guardian if Under 16) that they want to play for your club.

2. After clicking "Confirm" the consent box will turn to green, clicking on the consent will provide a drop down of who the consent was confirmed by alongside a timestamp.