If you need to gain online consent for a player and they have already have their consent accepted offline then this can be done within the NEW Player Registration System.

1. You can see here that the player (when viewed from pending actions tab) has offline consent 

2. Go to the All Players tab and find the player (we used the search option but you can use the filters also).

Once you've found the player, check the box next to their name and then click "Add to team"

3. Click a team the player is already signed on for, this will then generate the registration form again

Please note: Don't worry! The player will remain registered for your team at all times during this process.

4. By clicking "Assign player" the system will re-open the player's registration form (again don't worry, the player is still registered!) 

Please then click on the "Consent button" - this will give you the option to click "Online Consent".

5. After clicking "Online Consent" please click "Confirm" which will release an email to the player/parent's email address allowing them to confirm they consent to play for your club. Guidance on how they do this is here: Online Consent Guidance

6. You will see the registration form's "Consent Button" will change to "Awaiting response" and this will change to "Confirmed" once the player has actioned the email.

By clicking on the consent button, you also have the ability to re-send the email or to confirm offline consent again.