If you have changed your mobile phone number or want to check you have one associated with your account, you can easily update this within My Account.

TIP: You will need a mobile phone number next to your account in order to receive SMS messages from FA Full-Time (To text in results)

1. Go to myaccount.thefa.com and sign in using your current email address and password

Please note: If you no longer have access to your current account email address, please contact myaccount@thefa.com with your old address and the address you wish to use in the future.

2. Click the edit pen next to your mobile phone number section

3. Type your new mobile phone number into the box, then click "Save"

4. Your mobile number has now successfully updated and will be assigned to your account. This should update FA Full-Time within 15 minutes. If you haven't received SMS messages from FA Full-Time before, please contact your league who will be able to set this up.