Step 1 - Sign up to Whole Game

To create an account from the Whole Game login screen, click the red box at the bottom stating “Sign up”.

Step 2 - Verifying your email

It will then ask you to enter your email address and will then send you a verification email containing a number code.

It is helpful to keep the Whole Game tab open as you will need to return to the web page to enter the verification code

Step 3 - Verification Code

The verification email will look like the image below and will contain a number code which you can then enter on the Whole Game page.

Step 4 - Adding personal details

Enter the code in the email and click “verify code” and then continue. You will then be presented with the personal details page where you can enter your name, date of birth and postcode.

Step 5 - Creating a password

Once you have added your details, it will ask you to create your password and if you wish your phone number as well. Then you will need to tick the box agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then if you would like to receive offers and updates from the FA group, tick the top box as well.