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Paul Roots
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Fund4Football is back and bigger than ever! 

Here at Manchester FA we are committed to understanding the ever changing needs of our clubs and leagues. As we truly begin to understand the full impact that Covid-19 has had on grassroots football we are committed to adapting our unique funding pot to support all members clubs and leagues now, even greater than ever.

For the 2020/21 season, we will be moving to a rolling application period where clubs and leagues can apply for funding each month with applications reviewed and approved on a monthly basis (usually within 7 days of the following month starting). For clarity, funding applications will close on the last day of the month and re-open on the first day of the following. 

For monthly applications, the funding that can be applied for is broken down as follows:

Charter Standard Club                 Maximum £200
Non-Charter Standard ClubMaximum £100

Manchester FA will be continuing to offer our medium grants funding option too, where clubs can apply for up to £2000. Our 2020/21 window will be during January 2021 but applications can be submitted at any point and will be reviewed by our independent panel when the application window closes at the end of January. This medium grants fund is designed to support those clubs and leagues who are looking to make a considerable investment into a facility or project and can be used in conjunction with funding received from another provided such as the Football Foundation. 

In addition to all of this, the way that clubs and leagues submit applications has changed too, making it even easier than ever. 

When ready simply click the below link to complete our online application form.

 Please include as much information as possible and ensure that your form is completed in full to provide our review panel the best opportunity to support your application.

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