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Following our email sent to you on 2nd November, we are pleased to share with you the range of Play Safe assets so you can support football’s National Safeguarding Weekend on Saturday and Sunday 20/21 November 2021.

Short films x 3:
The first two are aimed at parents/carers and children for you to share. The third film is for you, the club officials. They all feature England players and among their key messages are the importance of listening to children, knowing how, and who to speak to if concerns do arise.

There are three versions of the films to download:

· Originals

· British Sign Language versions

· Audio-described versions

As you’ll see, they are all available in 16:9 ratio for websites and in 1:1 ratio for social media.

Digital assets: These are for use on websites, social media and include some to use as email signatures. They are available here and as you’ll see are available in three different design formats:

· Red shield/blue background

· Red shield/white background

· White shield/picture background

As you’ll see, the assets are animated gifs and very importantly, please can you embed this link behind them all: That’s so anyone clicking on an asset comes through to The FA’s main information page on this campaign, which also signposts wider safeguarding resources.

Editorial assets: A template article for websites is provided at the end of this email.

Thank you in advance for supporting the launch of Play Safe, we look forward to using it over the next three seasons to positively message out to everyone involved in football. The plan is for it to help underpin all football’s safeguarding work throughout the year and be used for a national safeguarding weekend every football season. We’ll also be encouraging use of the assets for events such as Safer Internet Day, NSPCC Parents in Sport Week and Anti-Bullying Week 2022/23 – so please keep them.

Suggested editorial for club websites: 

We’re backing Play Safe

….insert name of club…. is lending its full support to Play Safe – a national FA-led campaign to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding in football.

Play Safe is being run in partnership with the NSPCC and has the full backing of the Premier League, EFL, Barclays FA Women’s Super League and the FA Women’s Championship. It’s also supported and being run across every other level of the game.

The main element of Play Safe is a series of short films which emphasise the importance of clubs such as ours having safeguarding as an everyday reality. The films also explain to parents/carers and children themselves know what to do if they feel unsafe or worried, because nothing matters more than making sure football is safe for everyone, especially children and young people. You can see these films below.

Insert Play Safe films

“As a youth team coach, I will be working with my club to ensure we support the Play Safe messaging,” says FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham. “I am also pleased that the campaign has the support of the former footballers with lived experience of abuse in football, who are on our Survivor Support and Safeguarding Advisory Group. The Group has collectively said:

“Learning from the past is crucial, so that we can prevent the horrific experiences that happened to us and so many others in football, from happening again.

“As a group of survivors, we fully support the ethos and important messages that Play Safe conveys – whether to club officials, parents/carers and or vitally, children and young people themselves. Equally important is that Play Safe is not a one-off campaign – it will be used at key points in the football calendar to remind everyone in football, that children’s welfare and keeping them safe, should be at the heart of all that we do.”

As the Survivor Group points out, you’ll see Play Safe appearing at various points throughout the season to keep safeguarding front of mind in football. Together, we want to do everything we can so everyone – particularly children and young people – has a consistently positive experience of our great game.


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